Lesson: Perspective and Point of View

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Lesson Objective

1. Analyze a situation from different perspectives 2. Describe the similarities and differences between each perspective 3. Write a story from a specific perspective

Lesson Plan

DO NOW (4 minutes): 

  • Have students analyze the image and answer the questions
  • Encourage students to write for the entire time
  • Review 



  • Review Perspective and Point of View in literature
  • Read Point of View Paragraph A and model answering questions with students.



  • Have students complete Point of View Paragraph B and Perspective Paragraph on Taj Mahal
  • Students answer questions on their own
  • Review answers 


  • Ask for volunteer students to come up and act out a small skit
  • Have a bag of props to distribute to students (ie: broom, tattered shirt, magic wand, crown, etc...)
  • Explain to students that they are going to be acting out what you, the narrator, say
  • Read aloud "Cinderella" while students are acting out with props
  • Give students a few minutes to complete the questions #1-3 and then review answers
  • Next, tell students that they are now going to hear the story of "Cinderella" from a different perspective
  • Pick a new set of students to come to the front and act out the REMIX
  • Read Cinderella REMIX with the students while they act it out with props
  • Give students a few minutes to complete questions #4-9 and then review answers



  • Explain  that students will be completing their own fairy tale REMIX for homework
  • If time allows, have students begin on homework


What went well?

Being active with acting out the stories and watching classmates perform keep most students engaged.  Hands-on activity better illustrates different perspectives which is a concept that is more abstract and, therefore, more difficult to grasp.


What would you change?

You can use any fairy tale, such as The True Story of The Three Little Pigs.


What needs explanation?

Students often confuse point of view (especially the difference between limited and omniscient).  Give multiple examples as you explain the difference. 

Lesson Resources

Perspectives and Point of View.doc  


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