Lesson: Friday

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Lesson Objective

SW learn the WHISPER values and begin exploring Galveston Island's habitats and animals.

Lesson Plan

Friday June 9



HW, Make Your Mark, Breakfast

SW add their partner responses to a bar graph on chart paper on the gym wall.


SW eat breakfast and follow breakfast expectations that are posted on the wall.

Journals, folders, index cards, WHISPER tree song lyrics, pencils, post-it notes, questions of the day chart, markers, dry erase markers, expo spray, expo wipe, sharpie markers, breakfast expectations poster, name tags



Four Corners, Wisdom

SW participate in the Four Corners activity where questions will be asked and students will run to the corner that represents their answer.


SW watch movie clips and hear stories that demonstrate internal control.


SW be able to fill out a Frayer vocabulary card for internal control and learn the internal control part of the WHISPER chant.

Four Corners instructions, Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears book, index cards, journal, pencils




SW practice transitioning to the classroom.


TW introduce the expectations for the Do Now.


Do Now: Describe Galveston’s beach habitat using the categories we discussed yesterday.


SW share their answers to the class.


TW introduce the activity of designing an organisms based on a habitat that is randomly selected from a brown bag. SW pick an animal class (reptile/bird/small mammal/large mammal) and options for the animal (diurnal/nocturnal, herbivore/carnivore/omnivore, etc)


SW be given a partner and a graphic organizer to help them generate ideas for adaptations for each part of the environment they selected.


SW create a labeled drawing based on the adaptations they selected.

Journals, pencil, brown paper bags with different options for categories and choices within those categories, colored pencils, markers


Cupid shuffle

Music video


SW create a skit for the value of internal control.



TW give a lesson on the multiples of 6.


SW learn the math chant for the 6s and review 7s.

Math chants instructions and videos


Transition to the classroom.

SW review the expectations for getting water and using the restroom (including signals).



TW show a completed example of a field guild sheet for a Galveston Island animal.


SW go over a checklist for things to be included in their field guide.


SW transition to the computer labs so that they can look up additional information if necessary. SW create a handmade field guide to document an animal they saw while they were at the beach.

Field guide examples/rubric, journals, colored pencils, markers, pencils, computers




SW return and put away their things and review lunch expectations.


SW eat lunch and interview a partner.

Interview questions


SW continue completing their field guide.



TW continue reading “The Wanderer”

The Wanderer

Lesson Resources

Field Guide Checklist.docx  
Rolling 6s at KIPP Journey Academy.wmv  
Rolling the 6s.docx  
Sample Field Guide.docx  


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