Lesson: Wednesday

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Lesson Objective

SW learn the WHISPER values and begin exploring Galveston Island's habitats and animals.

Lesson Plan

Wednesday June 8



HW, Make Your Mark, Breakfast

SW add their partner responses to a bar graph on chart paper on the gym wall.


SW turn in HW (address) in a bin near the door.


SW eat breakfast and follow breakfast expectations that are posted on the wall.

Journals, folders, index cards, WHISPER tree song lyrics, pencils, post-it notes, questions of the day chart, markers, dry erase markers, expo spray, expo wipe, sharpie markers, breakfast expectations poster, name tags



Interpersonal Bingo, Wisdom

SW play All My Team and Family (see attached).


SW watch movie clips and hear stories that demonstrate wisdom.


SW be able to fill out a Frayer vocabulary card for wisdom and learn the wisdom part of the WHISPER chant.

All My Team and Family instructions, journals, pencils, On Beyond Zebra or Nike commercials, index cards




SW practice transitioning to the classroom.


TW introduce the expectations for the Do Now.


Do Now: Pictures will be on the table and predict whether the animal can be found on Galveston. If not, where might you find that animal? If so, justify your answer.


SW share their answers for each picture to the class.


SW look at one of the animals from Galveston and be able to describe what adaptations it has to live in its environment.

Animal pictures, journals, pencils


WHISPER Tree song

WHISPER tree lyrics


SW create a skit for the value of Wisdom.



SW review the math chants for 8s and 9s.

Math chant instructions and videos


Transition to the classroom.

SW review the expectations for getting water and using the restroom (including signals).



SW take a quiz on their address and phone number.


TW introduce biologists and environmentalists.


SW watch a video on Charles Darwin.


SW view pages that were taken from his expeditions.


SW watch a short clip on an animals and create a sketch and write details on that animal just like Charles Darwin.

Index cards, pencils, journals, Darwin video, Darwin journal samples, animal video clip, markers and colored pencils


SW review lunch expectations and hallway procedures.


SW eat lunch and interview a partner.

Interview questions


TW introduce the task of documenting wildlife in their summer notebooks.


SW go outside and document the wildlife that they find.

Journals, pencils


TW continue reading “The Wanderer”


TW talk about what to bring for the walking field trip the next day and will review beach safety PPT.


Homework: return field trip permission slip

“The Wanderer”, beach safety PPT, permission slips

Lesson Resources

Beach Safety Tips.pptx  
To All My Team and Family.docx  


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