Lesson: Tuesday

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Lesson Objective

SW learn the WHISPER values and begin exploring Galveston Island's habitats and animals.

Lesson Plan

Tuesday June 7



HW, Make Your Mark, Breakfast

SW sign-in at the front desk and get a journal, folder, index card, WHISPER tree song lyrics, pencil, post-it notes and a name tag.


SW add their partner responses to a question of the day bar graph on chart paper on the gym wall using post-it notes.


SW eat breakfast and follow breakfast expectations that are posted on the wall.


TW go over the responses to the question and ask information about the bar graph to notice similarities and differences.

Journals, folders, index cards, WHISPER tree song lyrics, pencils, post-it notes, questions of the day chart, markers, dry erase markers, expo spray, expo wipe, sharpie markers, breakfast expectations poster, name tags




TW review procedures for completing a Do Now, signing in and eating breakfast.


SW play a hula hoop link game where students will form a circle and hold hands. The goal is to pass the hula hoop around the circle without letting go. TW time the group to see if they can improve their time.

TW review the WHISPER tree and ask for any thoughts or wonderings.


TW introduce the clip “Home” from Freedom Writers and SW journal their thoughts and discuss the clip as a group afterward. Look at Sharpstown “Turn and Talk” for discussion directions.

Hula hoops, timer, WHISPER tree on chart paper, Freedom Writers clip, journals, pencils, Turn and Talk directions




SW practice the WHISPER tree song/dance.

WHISPER tree song and lyrics



Introduce PBL

TW review the term SLANT and the hand signal.


TW ask for background knowledge on habitats and ecosystems. Get them to define a habitat and see how habitats and ecosystems are interconnected.


TW show a video clip from Planet Earth and have students journal and draw different habitats they noticed.


SW create vocabulary cards for habitat, ecosystem, Galveston Island, and ocean.

SLANT chart, Planet Earth clip, journals, pencils, index cards




TW introduce the WHISPER tree song.


SW learn the lyrics and the movements to the song.

WHISPER tree lyrics



Team Building

SW create their own skits to demonstrate how students can show their values in the classroom.




Math Chants

TW complete a number pattern lesson on the 8s and SW learn the 8s math chant.

Math chant video, math chant instructions, journals, pencils



Blue Crab

SW be introduced to a blue crab located in a fish tank in the classroom.


SW add thoughts and wonderings to a TWS led by the teacher.


TW introduce the task of having students figure out what a crab would put into his backpack if he were on his own in his habitat. Use the categories generated from the student backpacks to drive their thinking. SW create a list of what the crab needs in his backpack. After each student makes their own list, TW get ideas from the students and condense them onto chart paper.

Blue crab, fish tank, filter, TWS chart, markers, journals, pencils



Lunch, Interview

TW talk about lunchroom expectations and operating norms.


SW eat lunch quietly and interview a partner.

Interview questions




TW bring all students to a computer lab and teach them how to get a computer from the cart, turn on the computer and log in using their lunch number.


SW go on the internet to research information on the blue crab and their goal will be to answer some of their wonderings through internet research.

TWS for blue crab, laptops



Read Aloud, Dismissal

TW read aloud “The Wanderer.”


Homework is to write their address on an index card.

The Wanderer

Lesson Resources

Rolling the 8s.docx  
Warhawk Matt Scott in Nike No Excuses Commercial_1.wmv  
How-To Cupid Shuffle!.wmv  
Michael Jordan Failure Nike Commercial_1.wmv  
Nike I Can Do This.wmv  
Rolling 8s at KIPP Journey Academy.wmv  


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