Lesson: Monday

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Lesson Objective

SW learn the WHISPER values and begin exploring Galveston Island's habitats and animals.

Lesson Plan


  1. TW need to find out student bus numbers if they intend on riding the bus
  2. Order YM, YL, AS and AM shirts. Last year’s shirts were too big.
  3. Get a projector and speakers ready and put them in the gym.
  4. Give students a homework folder and wait on using the Life Binders.
  5. Use a sign in sheet for attendance.
  6. Bring office supplies and supply boxes to the gym and put them on a table.


Monday June 6



HW, Make Your Mark, Breakfast

SW sign-in at the front desk and get a journal, folder, index card, WHISPER tree song lyrics, pencil, post-it notes and a name tag.


SW add their partner responses to a question of the day bar graph on chart paper on the gym wall using post-it notes.


SW eat breakfast and follow breakfast expectations that are posted on the wall.


TW go over the responses to the question and ask information about the bar graph to notice similarities and differences.

Journals, folders, index cards, WHISPER tree song lyrics, pencils, post-it notes, questions of the day chart, markers, dry erase markers, expo spray, expo wipe, sharpie markers, breakfast expectations poster, name tags




TW introduce themselves to the students and describe their roles.


TW review procedures for completing a Do Now, signing in and eating breakfast.


SW play People to People (see attached)


TW introduce the WHIPSER tree symbol and values and ask for thoughts or questions from students.


TW play KIPP videos from KCV “What does it mean to be a Kippster?” and a KIPP Houston informational video.


SW do turn and talk with a small group about what it means to be a KIPPster.


TW introduce the parts of the WHISPER tree and relate them to roots (core beliefs), trunk (team & family), leaves (values) and coconuts (operating norms)


SW get up and move to a song or dance.

People to People directions, WHISPER tree symbol on chart paper, KIPP videos (check youtube), WHISPER tree song, Cupid Shuffle




SW practice walking in the hallway and learn appropriate restroom behavior.




Academic Expectations

TW introduce the term SLANT and the hand signal.


SW practice lining up, entering a room and looking for the Do Now.


TW talk about how wisdom, honor and excellence should be visible in the classroom.


TW talk about earning classrooms, t-shirts, chairs and desks.


TW complete a number pattern lesson on the 9s and SW learn the 9s math chant.

SLANT chart, 9s chant video, 9s chant instruction sheet for students, journals, pencils




TW introduce the WHISPER tree song.


SW learn the lyrics and the movements to the song.

WHISPER tree lyrics



Team Building

TW introduce and lead “The Line” activity (see attached)


SW get together in small groups and create their own WHIPSER trees with markers, paper and glue.


SW give feedback on each other’s designs.

The Line instructions, chart paper, glue, scissors, markers, colored pencils, pencils, butcher paper



Video Clip, Journaling

TW introduce how to watch a movie clip and what to think about while one is playing.


TW introduce “The Death Crawl” clip and SW journal about what values were shown in the clip.


SW get together with a partner and discuss their journal entry and share out to the group.

“The Death Crawl”, journals, pencils



Classroom Tour

SW tour the classrooms and learn where their different subjects are located.




School Tour



SW complete a scavenger hunt to learn where things are located in the school (see attached).

Scavenger hunt instructions, pencils



Lunch, Interview

TW talk about lunchroom expectations and operating norms.


SW eat lunch quietly and interview a partner.

Interview questions




TW describe a situation of getting lost in the woods/mountain/desert. TW ask what students might need if they only had a backpack full of supplies.


SW journal about what they would put in their own backpacks and why.


SW share out to create a master list on chart paper.


TW categorize the items in the list in order to determine broad areas of needs for living things.

Journals, pencils, chart paper, markers



Read Aloud, Dismissal

TW read aloud “The Great Kapok Tree.”


Homework is to write their address on an index card.

The Great Kapok Tree

Lesson Resources

5th grade Summer School Week 1.docx  
People to People.docx  
Rolling the 9s.docx  
Scavenger Hunt.docx  
Sign In Sheet.docx  
The Line.docx  
Facing the Giants - Death Crawl.wmv  
What Does It Mean To Be a KIPPster.wmv  
KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) Welcome Video.wmv  
Nines - Michigan homeroom.wmv  


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