Lesson: Summary Writing Project

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Lesson Objective

Students will write a summary about a non-fiction passage utilizing the organizer for support.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Procedures:

  1. Teacher says:  You are each going to write your own summary on a non-fiction article.  Many students will receive different articles.  Not everyone will be working on the same article.  The first thing we need to do is read our articles. I wil pass out the articles to different groups of students and you will work together to read the article aloud.
  2. Teacher distributes articles and creates small groups at the same time.
  3. Students read article aloud.  
  4. Teacher circulates and gives each group a post-it note.  When groups have finished early they can come up with 3 new things they learned from their article.
  5. After each group has finished reading teacher calls the attention of the class.  Students share things about their article to the class.
  6. Each student is given an organizer.
  7. Teacher:  We are going to work on the different parts of the organizer piece by piece over the next couple of days.  Please place both these things in your writing folder.


Teaching Reflection:

       This lesson is a project that is completed after each of the mini-lessons listed above.  After they finish completing their organizer, they write a draft, edit and revise, and then make a beautiful final draft for publishing.  


        The only issue in having students read article aloud in small groups is that they will complete it at different times.  Be prepared to have a sponge activity for them when they are done reading.  

        The articles are differentiated by reading level.  I placed two links to articles next to this lesson where you can find even more articles that can be differentiated for your students.

Lesson Resources

Senor Summary Graphic Organizer to begin writing.docx  
4th Grade Reading Level Articles
Earth's Atmosphere.pdf  
Water Article.pdf  
Invention of Gum Article.pdf  
Articles for Students


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