Lesson: Function Tables

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Lesson Objective

Students will identify 4/5 patterns in a function table.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Procedures:

  1. Teacher draws a machine on the white board with in and out doors. 
  2. Teacher says: This is my pattern machine, when I send a number in another number comes out.  You have try to guess the pattern the machine is making.
  3. Teacher draws a number 2 to go into the machine.
  4. Teacher says: My machine needs to make noise, what should it sound like?
  5. Student suggests a machine sound.
  6. Class makes machine sound and teacher writes a new number coming out of the machine: 4.
  7. Teacher draws a new number 3, students make sound, a new number comes out, 6.
  8. Continue this until the students have guessed the pattern of the machine.
  9. Teacher distributes student worksheet.  Teacher works on overhead while students on their sheet.
  10. Teacher models reading the steps to help them figure out the patterns in the first function table.
  11. On the second function table students read instructions to the teacher while teacher fills out function table.
  12. Students then work with their table groups or with a partner to continue filling out the function tables.
  13. After 10 minutes correct answers as a class with students presenting answers.
  14. Administer exit ticket.


Teaching Reflection:


           Although this is not a California State Standard, knowing how to detect patterns is a part of algebra which is why I include it in this unit of study.  When I introduce this lesson I let students know that algebra is the study of patterns which is what function tables help us do.

Lesson Resources

Input Output Tables 2.14.docx  
Exit Ticket - Input.Output Missing Numbers.docx  


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