Lesson: Order of Operations

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Lesson Objective

Students will solve 3/3 algebraic expressions using order of operations.

Lesson Plan


4AF1.2 Interpret and evaluate mathematical expressions that now use parentheses.
4AF1.3 Use parentheses to indicate which operation to perform first when writing expressions containing more than two terms and different operations.


Lesson Procedures:

  1. Teacher writes an expression on the board (5 x 3) - 5 =
  2. Teacher asks students to solve expression in their table groups.
  3. Students present their solutions and strategies to the class using white board.  Have students present different answers and strategies.
  4. Teacher states objective to class and passes out toolkit to the class.
  5. Teacher reviews steps to order of operations with class while modeling solving an expression.
  6. Students are guided through the steps to solve second example expression in toolkit.  Students give steps to teacher to solve.
  7. Teacher passes out expressions with parenthesis worksheet.
  8. Teacher asks for a volunteer.  Peer Coaching Model: Student reads coach box at the top of the worksheet while teacher solves the example expression.
  9. Students work with a partner to solve each expression, one student reads  (coach)while the other student solves the problem.  Partners trade
  10. After 10 mins students present answers to class, teacher addresses any misconceptions that arise.
  11. Teacher asks students to complete exit ticket on the second page of their worksheet.


Teaching Reflection

      This lesson uses Peer Coaching model as the independent practice of lesson.  Peer Coaching is when students are paired up where one student acts as coach to another student solves the problem based on the instructions of the coach.  The coaching instructions are written on the student worksheet.  Students can be paired up where a high level student is a coach or where a low level student acts as coach, it depends on what you want.  I had low level students be coaches to help empower them to know how to solve problems.  I also had student pairs trade coaching jobs after every problem.  

       Something else to note when using this model is setting the expectation that you want to hear students reading the coaching dialogue for every problem because students will stop using it after the first few problems.


       The exit ticket for this lesson is located in the second page of the student worksheet.   

Lesson Resources

Order of Operations Toolkit.docx  
Expressions with Parentheses.docx  


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