Lesson: The Jungle I: Collectivism

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Lesson Objective

Students will read and understand "The Jungle" and compare it to Ayn Rand's individualist ideology.

Lesson Plan


Class set of both graphic novels

Attached Vocabulary Notebook

Attached Jungle Question Packet

(If using only one copy of novels for the whole class, you will need a document camera to project the text.)



Social Studies 12.10 Students formulate questions about and defend their analyses of tensions within our constitutional democracy and the importance of maintaining a balance between the following concepts: majority rule and individual rights; liberty and equality; state and national authority in a federal system; civil disobedience and the rule of law; freedom of the press and the right to a fair trial; the relationship of religion and government.

English Language Arts 11-12LA3.9 Analyze the philosophical arguments presented in literary works to determine whether the authors’ positions have contributed to the quality of each work and the credibility of the characters. (Philosophical approach)


Anticipatory Set:

Ask students to put themselves in the position of Ayn Rand. From her point of view, what are the pros and cons of Individualism and Collectivism. Draw these in a 4-part square on the board as students throw out ideas.



Guide students through learning the next 10 vocabulary words.  Discuss the contextual vocabulary of “boardinghouse,” “tramp” and “beast of burden”.


Guided Practice:

Discuss the Pre-Reading questions. Begin reading the novel aloud and guiding students through answering the questions in the attached Question Packet.


Independent Practice:

Students read novels/graphic novels according to classroom system. Students answer questions in Question Packet.




Refer to the definition of Ayn Rand’s individualism, and/or to the list of steps she prescribes for people to become free in Anthem.  Explore with students whether taking these steps would be realistic or helpful for Jurgis, given his situation. 

Lesson Resources



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