Lesson: Macbeth Essay: Embedding Quotes, Fixing Common Errors

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Lesson Objective

Students will learn how to embed quotes more skillfully into context and will seek out and correct common writing errors in their own drafts

Lesson Plan


  • How to Embed Practice sheet
  • common Errors sheet
  • computers for editing first drafts


  1. Do Now: What is the difference between the words Throne and Thrown?  Use each one in a sentence that shows its meaning.
  2. Discuss and review the difference.  Explain that this is one common error students are making (at least at my school, kids were really messing this up!) [10 mins]
  3. Mini-lesson: Handout common errors sheet and go over on document camera while students fill in notes on their sheet.  Explain poetry formatting (with the backslash to denote a line break) and the rest of the sheet.  Field any questions. [15 mins about]
  4. Explain embedding and go over the handout together.  Model the first example and then have kids work in pairs to try the rest.  Go over as a class, take questions and explain that they will work today on their first drafts to fix the common errors and embed some of their quotes rather than just have them all introduced (He says, ".......")  [20]
  5. Hand out laptops and have kids work on putting their drafts together and fix errors until end of period.  Students can turn in their fixed first drafts at the end of the following class period.




some kids complained that I should have taught them to embed before they wrote their body paragraphs.  My reasoning was that I wanted them to just get it written, introduce their quotes proplerly and work on having strong context, analysis and evidence that directly supported their thesis.  I didn't want to also overwhelm them with a new skill (though some had been embedding since 9th grade because they were already advanced enough to do it well).  I explained this was part of the editing process, of going back and strengthening their writing, though I certainly see their point, that it might have been easier for some had I front-loaded the skill, rather than back-loading it!




Lesson Resources

common Macbeth essay errors.doc  
Macbeth Quote Embedding practice.doc  


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