Lesson: Absolute Value

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT provide the absolute value of a number.

Lesson Plan

 Anticipatory Set

How many miles do you live from school? If possible, students place their homes on a map around the school. Does it matter which direction you live in when you say how far it is? 

Input                                                   Absolute Value (valor absoluto) is the distance of a number from zero. Absolute value, like distance from school, is the only time in Math when we don't care about direction, just distance.

Guided Practice or Coaching + Checking for understanding
Teacher places giant number line in front of room with movable house image. Students come up and move the house around on the number line. Other students show on white boards the absolute value of the house each time it is placed. 
Students make Genius Card to guide them to the significance of the | | in absolute value, define a.v. as distance of a number from zero.

Independent Practice or Assignment

Students practice naming absolute value on worksheet. Begins with images on number lines, scaffolds to numbers in isolation.

Step Seven:  Assessment/Evaluation + Closure

Students explain in sentences what happens to negative numbers when their absolute values are found. Another way of saying this is what do we already know about all answers to absolute value questions?

Extensions:Students should learn how to handle an entire problem inside parentheses, versus a particular part of a problem in absolute value | |. 


Lesson Resources

abs value wrksht1   Classwork


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