Lesson: Number Line Intro

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT draw a number line and number it in whole ones, twos and fives, both positive and negative

Lesson Plan

Anticipatory Set

Students answer "duh" questions with choral response. "What is the smallest number?" (They all say one, you ask if they're sure...)
For each number they say, you ask if there are any bigger numbers? Any smaller numbers? 
"Is there any number bigger than a billion?" (billion and one!) "Is there any number smaller than negative one billion?" (negative one billion and one!)
Concept is established that numbers go on forever in both directions. 

Input                                                   Students use giant number line(s) in groups and number them with ones, are challenged to count by twos. Simple addition and subtraction problems are put on board and students decide which number line would be easiest for calculating that problem (no calculation necessary)

Guided Practice or Coaching + Checking for understanding
Students have fake money as manipulative and design number lines in groups that are numbered by fives.
These should be preservable as tools for later.
Teacher circulates and checks for errors or confusion.
Independent Practice or Assignment

Students have a worksheet containing basic integer problems. Rather than solving, students use graph paper to draw and label an appropriate number line that will fit the calculation of each problem.

Students can agree or disagree with the interval decisions of others in partners, groups or as a class (depending on number of students in class.)

Step Seven:  Assessment/Evaluation + Closure

Students describe in writing a situation in which they may need to calculate on a Ones number line and a situation in which they might need a Fives number line. 

Extensions: Subsequent days can explore number lines by Tens, Twenties, Hundreds. Students should practice counting by each and matching them to appropriate problems. Students should also master the concept that not every number line needs to contain zero, but can be a given number of digits around a number. 


Lesson Resources

number lines   Activity


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