Lesson: Properties of Matter Project Presentations (Day 12)

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Lesson Objective

Students will evaluate presentations on different forms of matter and their properties.

Lesson Plan


  1. Prior to students presenting, make copies of each group's Face Book page to hand out to students for their notes.
  2. Write the order of presentations on the white board.
  3. Have each student group come up present poster with information on their substance giving both chemical and physical properties.
  4. After each group has finished presenting students are allowed to ask clarifying questions.
  5. Student audience has 2 minutes to finish filling out their evaluation form to hand in.
  6. Collect evaluations and the next group presents their work.


Teaching Reflection

          Although I had every intention of fitting each presention into a 50 minute period sometimes it is not possible.  If needed have final group or groups present the following day or anticipate this problem and start group presentations ahead of time. 

         Making copies of Face Book pages that each group has made is a useful note taking tool for the students who did not research that substance. It also is a reference for the student audience to follow while hearing the presentation.

Lesson Resources

Group Project Evaluation - Properties of Matter Project.docx  


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