Lesson: States of Matter (Day 3 & 4)

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Lesson Objective

Students will categorize pictures of matter into its three different states and draw molecules that match that state.

Lesson Plan

See attached document entitled, "States of Matter Lesson Plan" for detailed lesson.


This is inquiry based lesson indented to cover 2 days (1 hour lesson each) of science sessions.  The lesson is written in ABC, CBV, R format (Activity Before Concept, Concept Before Vocabulary, and Reading).


Teaching Reflection


Investigation Notes

                States of matter is a third grade standard but the group of students with which I was working did not receive this instruction, so I needed to include this in my unit.  If this lesson is for review for a 5th grade class, it can be made into a one day lesson by observing water in its three stages and running an edited power point on the same day.

                The experiment listed in this lesson is similar to water cycle investigations.  This will work with the group of students I will be teaching next since they will receive physical science before earth science.  An alternative investigation is creating Ice Cream in a Bag-http://www.serving-ice-cream.com/how-to-make-ice-cream-in-a-bag.html.  This shows how a liquid converts into a solid. 


Reading Notes

                 The states of matter worksheet has two pages.  I would use the second page as an exit ticket for students to complete independently.


Lesson Resources

States of Matter Power Point.pptx  
Inquiry and the National Science Standards
Science Starter States of Matter Lesson.docx  
States of Matter Worksheet.docx  
Science Starter States of Matter Lesson.docx  
States of Matter Investigation Worksheet.docx  


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