Lesson: Manipulation

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Lesson Objective

Students will recognize manipulation of one person by another and apply this concept to analyzing literary interactions

Lesson Plan


Attached PowerPoint

LCD projector

Vocabulary Notebook

Attached Manipulation Scenarios

Pocket Chart/Vocabulary Word Displays

2 Flyswatters



9-10LA2.5 Extend ideas presented in primary or secondary sources through original analysis, evaluation, and elaboration.

9-10LA3.3 Analyze interactions between main and subordinate characters in a literary text (e.g., internal and external conflicts, motivations, relationships, influences) and explain the way those interactions affect the plot.


Anticipatory Set:

Begin by reviewing vocabulary. Choose 10 – 20 words from the Project Vocabulary Notebook, and display them on the board or in a pocket chart. Provide two flyswatters, and divide the class into two teams (preferably without anyone moving seats). Each side takes turns sending one person “up” to try to swat the word first after the teacher (or a student who will benefit from being in charge) says the definition. Use your Vocabulary Notebook and read only definitions, in random order. Tally the points for each team.




Present the attached PowerPoint. Model for students analysis of each example of manipulation by clarifying who is manipulating whom, what the desired result is, and how they set the other person up for the result wanted.


Guided Practice:

Find 4 students, volunteers or selected, to play the roles in each of the scenarios. Allow them a moment to prepare, and then ask them to stand before the class and do the best acting they can. Ask the rest of the class to be watching for the manipulation so they are ready to discuss it when the scene ends. Both end abruptly so that students can speculate on outcomes if you have time for that.


Independent Practice:

Students follow instructions for journal entry. Collect entries once written and transition students to reading.


Students read novels/graphic novels according to classroom system.




Analyze Fanny’s manipulation of John with students leading the reading (acting) and the analysis. 

Lesson Resources

manipulation scenarios.docx  


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