Lesson: Sense & Sensibility: Vocabulary Introduction

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Lesson Objective

Students will learn and categorize vocabulary used in the graphic novel of Sense and Sensibility.

Lesson Plan

Lesson Name: Vocabulary Introduction

Unit:            Emotional Intelligence in Sense & Sensibility            Course: Critical Thinking through Language Arts

By Anke al-Bataineh



Attached Powerpoint

Computer with internet

OR Thesaurus class set

LCD projector

Attached Vocabulary Notebook

Attached Vocabulary List



9R1.1.1 Identify and use the literal and figurative meanings of words and understand word derivations.

9LA3.3 Analyze interactions between main and subordinate characters in a literary text (e.g., internal and external conflicts, motivations, relationships, influences) and explain the way those interactions affect the plot.


Anticipatory Set:

Present full vocabulary list to students and explain that we are going to be really focused on vocabulary in this unit. In fact, we are going to work so hard on vocabulary, that today we are going to spend a whole class period just getting ready to handle the vocabulary in this classic novel by Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility. To start off, let’s see how much we already know.

Give each student a pencil, crayon or marker in each of red, yellow and green. Ask them to color in the bubble beside each word according to how well they know this word. When students are ready, read the words aloud slowly so that they can both see and hear them.  Do NOT ask students to say definitions out loud, because this may cause them to give a memorable, but incorrect, definition that could outweigh in students’ memories the correct definitions you are about to give.



Guide students through filling out the first 6 vocabulary entries in the attached Vocabulary Notebook. Show the illustrations in the attached Powerpoint to help them illustrate them.


Guided Practice:

Tell students we are going to try using a Thesaurus to figure out what some of these words mean. In general, these are very sophisticated, educated words for very familiar ideas. Explain that a Thesaurus gives us synonyms, which helps us figure out which meaning works in the sentence we are reading more than a dictionary does sometimes. It is often easier to understand what a Thesaurus is “saying” than a dictionary, so we are less likely to choose the wrong word.


Demonstrate the use of either a printed Thesaurus or Thesaurus.com to figure out the meaning of the next two words in the attached Notebook.


Assign students to use either printed Thesauri or Thesaurus.com in small groups, and divide the remaining words as such:


Circulate and guide students in choosing meanings and making them work with the examples given in the Notebook. When groups have finished accurately, ask them what they noticed. They should notice that the words they have been given are more or less synonyms for each other.


Show the attached Powerpoint slides with illustrations of the words that have been looked up and ask students to complete the rest of the notebook.


Independent Practice:

Now, it will be hard for us to remember all of these sophisticated words for the same idea, so we are going to make word maps and CONTINUUMS showing how they are related. Good ones will go in notebooks and binders for students to refer to, GREAT ones will go on the classroom wall for us all to look at when we get stuck.


Show Powerpoint slides giving examples of word continuums, pass out drawing/coloring materials, and give students a time allotment for this task.




Write these sentences on the board and ask students to suggest 2 or more words that could fit.


Jabar was nervous about proposing, but when Malika said yes, he was/felt __________________________.


Miguel lies to his girlfriend about skipping school. He is _________________.


Juanita doesn’t like to speak her mind. She is ___________________.


Ty’rone is always making jokes and bringing people’s spirits up. He has a __________________ __________________.


After a week where she had a car accident, got fired, had to put her dog to sleep, and broke up with her boyfriend, Marlisha was ________________________________.

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