Lesson: 3.22 Heredity and Genetics Review

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Lesson Objective

Review Heredity and Genetics objectives. Identify areas of weakness from the unit to focus your studies tonight.

Lesson Plan

8th Grade Life Science Ryland




-         Review objectives from genetics and heredity unit.

-         Identify areas of weakness for study tonight.


Do Now

-         Go over important questions from yesterday’s video questions.


  1. Do Now
  2. Go Over Review Packet
  3. Wrap-up/Homework



-         Study for test. 


Lesson Sequence/Notes:

  1. Do Now (10)
  • Students enter the room and start their do now. In today’s do now, they simply write down their aims, and then write review video questions.


  1. Go Over Review Packet
  • Students bring their review packets to class so that we can go over them in class.
  • Students trade their review packets and take out a red pen.
  • Questions 1-23 we go over as a whole class.
  • Students trade back their review packet and go over questions 24-31 in randomly selected groups. They are instructed to go over each question if two people have different answers then they have to consult their notes to see who is correct, the incorrect students will fix their work. If any student is missing information then they add it.

We come back together as a class and go over the rest of the review packet.

  2. Wrap-up/Homework
  •  In the wrap-up students put away their review packets and I ask them questions from the review packet
  • There is no homework to introduce/preview but I allow for time for students to ask questions


Materials Needed:

-         Answers to the review packet.


Lesson Reflection:

-         I like to take an entire class to go over the review packet and to review with the students to make sure that they have the correct answers to study from and the take a gauge and for them to self-gauge were their areas of weakness so they can pinpoint what to study that evening.

-         Extra time in the class can be used to quiz the students, or to have the students quiz each other, or to use quia.com review games to review with the class.




Lesson Resources

3.21 Heredity and Genetics Review Packet.doc   Review


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