Lesson: Negative Numbers: Patterns

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Lesson Objective

Students will complete a pattern of numbers missing one or two positive or negative integers (i.e. 6, 4, 2, 0, -2, ___, -6) and identify the pattern being used.

Lesson Plan

Detailed lesson attached entitled "Day 4 - Negative Numbers - Patterns"


Teaching Reflection:

          This single lesson can be spread out into two lessons.  I mention this because students struggled in finding patterns that were more difficult than increments of 2.  This lesson can be split by focusing the first day on just filling out the missing numbers spanning both positive and negative integers in increments of 1 and 2.  Example: 2, 1, 0, -1, ___, ___, ____.  On the second day of lesson more difficult patterns can then be added staring with 5, then trying 3, and 4.   

             I felt the students needed more time practicing just filling in missing numbers in a list of numbers where they needed to cover both positive and negative numbers, once confident in doing this students would be able to handle more difficult patterns.

Lesson Resources

Integer Pattern Worksheet.docx  
Integer Patterns - Exit Ticket.docx  
Day 4 Lesson Plan - Negative Numbers - Integer Patterns.docx  


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