Lesson: Phase 3

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Lesson Objective

Students will develop a presentation. Learning target: I can use Microsoft PowerPoint to create a presentation for my road trip with my group. I can present my road trip with my group

Lesson Plan


Computers, guided worksheets, SMARTBoard, journal prompts

Warm up:

Journal entries (related to the road trip) that will be written on the SmartBoard daily

Teacher Input:

Teacher will provide a rubric for the presentation. On the day before the final day of preparing, the teacher will present an example presentation. This is to make sure that students are attempting to follow the rubric and to teach problem solving skills.

Guided practice:

Teacher will assist students in working together as a group. Teacher will assist students in putting the presentation together.

Independent practice

Students will present the presentation, ending the road trip project.

Academic Support:

Students are to work on assignments for other classes. Those who do not have an assignment are to read a self-selected book. 


Tomorrow we will continue to develop our presentation Any assignments that you have completed need to have your name and the teacher’s name on it, and I will place it in their box today.

21st Century Goal:

    * Creativity and Innovation – Students must use their imagination to plan this trip. Students must also be creative in how they plan to travel from state to state on a limited budget.

    * Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – Students must work together to solve the problem of where to go, what to see, and how to deal with obstacles that are thrown in their way.

    * Communication and Collaboration – Students are working as a team to create the finished product.

    *Information Literacy – Students must read for information to glean the information being asked for by the guided worksheets

     *ICT Literacy – Students will use the internet for research

     * Life and Career Skills – Students will learn how to manage money, goals, and time. Students are also learning how to manage products and produce results.

IEP Justification

            This project incorporates math calculation, math reasoning, reading comprehension, and written expression. The expectations for each student is differentiated based on the students IEP needs. Teacher support is also differentiated based on student needs. Students will be grouped heterogeneously based on strength areas. This encompasses a variety of IEP goals, including prior mentioned areas and goals based on interpersonal skills.


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