Lesson: Negative Numbers: Thermometers and Temperature

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Lesson Objective

Students will correctly write the temperature shown on 6/7 different thermometers with negative and positive measurements.

Lesson Plan

Detailed Lesson Plan Attached Entitled "Day 2 - Negative Numbers - Thermometer"


Teaching Reflection:

       There are student notes in this lesson even though it is Day 2 of learning about negative numbers.  This was done because interest of time but can be done during Day 1 of lesson or at the end of the unit as a kind of review.  The notes are included in this day because that is when it was done during this unit. 

       Something to note when looking at negative numbers on thermometer with students is that they had difficulty reading thermometers that were not in increments of one.  This is a separate skill which would need a separate lesson.  Because of this you may not want to include some of the pages in worksheet section of the lesson and only choose ones that are in increments of 1.  This will help students understand that negative numbers get larger numerically as you go down the thermometer and that those numbers mean cold temperatures. 

        The exit ticket I created cutting and pasting different images from different resources, I will try to at least post a scanned version of the document so that it has a crisper finish.


       The worksheets come from CST released questions and thermometer worksheet makers found online at: http://www.worksheetgenius.com/html/thermometers.php

Lesson Resources

Negative Numbers Notes - Student version.docx  
Negative Numbers Notes - Teacher's version.docx  
Thermometer Worksheet.docx  
Day 2 Exit Ticket.jpg  
Day 2 Lesson Plan - Negative Numbers - Thermometer.docx  


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