Lesson: Properties of Matter Project (Day 5)

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Lesson Objective

Students will create a facebook page for a substance (sugar, water, helium, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide) listing physical and chemical properties.

Lesson Plan


  1. Tell Students that they will be working in groups to research a substance. 
  2. Make an overhead of project packet document attached or place under a document projector.
  3. Go over each of the parts they are to complete by Day 12.
  4. Have student groups send a representative to select type of substance for group.  This student picks from folded pieces of paper in hat, box, or tub (sugar, water, helium, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide).
  5. When groups know their substance they will be researching, pass out properties of matter packet.
  6. Have printed information on each substance ready for students to begin the research portion of their work.
  7. Teacher circulates room helping students while groups work on completing research portion of packet.


Teaching Reflection

         Although I allowed for class time to work on project students will still need to come in at designated recess or after school times in order to complete project.  I meet with two groups at a time twice over the course of the two weeks students have to complete project.  I use this as an opportunity to provide targeted science instruction in smaller groups that they would not normally get. 

Outline of the two sessions with small groups

Session 1

Check research for completeness and accuracy

Help student formulate a script to help with presentation and divide up speaking parts

Session 2

Practice presentation

Complete Poster


Lesson Resources

Science Project - Chemical & physical properties.docx  
Inquiry and the National Science Standards
Facts for Kids on substances (oxygen, carbon,


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