Lesson: Unit Assessment (Day 13)

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Lesson Objective

Students will do their best on the final unit exam.

Lesson Plan


  1. Engage students in a vocabulary review.  This can take many forms.  "Pepper" by Doug Lemov is a good one where teacher gives a definition, cold calls on a student to give vocabulary word associated with it.
  2. Pass out tests and read directions of each section to students.
  3. Answer student questions about the directions and expectations.
  4. Provide sentence starters for students who may need it in section 3 of exam.
  5. Have students complete assessment and read quietly after they are done.


Teaching Reflection

             The section that is most difficult for students is section 3 where they need to write short answers that are about a paragraph in length.  I have had more success at this recently when I require small short answer writing at the end of lessons.  Writing can be scaffolded throughout the unit by first providing students  with fill in the blank paragraphs, then given sentence starters, and finally given 3 vocabulary words to include in their writing. 

Lesson Resources

Physical Science Test.docx  
Science test short answer rubric.pdf  


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