Lesson: Salt: Chemical and Physical Properties (Day 10 & 11)

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Lesson Objective

Students will complete a Face Book page for Salt that outlines its chemical and physical properties.

Lesson Plan


See attached document entitled, "Properties of Salt Lesson Plan" for detailed lesson.


This is inquiry based lesson indented to cover 2 days (1 hour lesson each) of science sessions.  The lesson is written in ABC, CBV, R format (Activity Before Concept, Concept Before Vocabulary, and Reading).


Teaching Reflection


Investigation Notes

                There are three different investigations going on at the same time during the activity day for this lesson.  Students are required to read directions in order to complete investigation.  If students are not accustomed to reading and following written directions it would benefit to have students read through directions in their groups 2 times before being given materials.  Its important to have your experiment routines established before trying an experiment session like this one where students are working on three different investigations at once.  At the end of investigation, I have one group of each of the investigation types present their conclusions to the class.


Reading Day Notes

                 Students take notes on printed slides.  I usually print 2 slides per page because if it's smaller students are not able to read them.  

Lesson Resources

Salt - Chemical and Physical properties Power Point.pptx  
Substance Properties - Facebook Page.docx  
Science Starter Salt Lesson.docx  
Properties of Salt Lesson Plan.docx  
Salt Exit Ticket.docx  


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