Lesson: Ocean Currents (Day 10)

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Lesson Objective

Students will apply what they know about the affects of ocean on weather to the city in which they live.

Lesson Plan

California State Standards

5ES4b.Students know the influence that the ocean has on the weather and the role that the water cycle plays in weather patterns.


Students will apply what they know about the affects of ocean on weather to the city in which they live.

How does the ocean help heat the Earth?

Evidence of Learning

Student Notes

Ocean Exit Ticket


Cold Call


 1. Teacher asks, " How come weather near an ocean is different from weather in areas surrounded by land?"  

2.  Students are given thinking time and write thoughts on small piece of paper. 

3.  After a few minutes students share answers with a partner. 

4.  Students are selected to share ideas with whole class. 

5. Teacher states: "This is what we are going to learn today."

6. Teacher plays power point.  There are teacher notes on the bottom of each slide to help teacher ask guiding questions and lead activities for students.  (Print out slides before hand so students can use them for notes.)

7. When Power Point ends students can begin work on Exit Ticket.

Teaching Reflection

    This lesson is in a note taking format with some room for students to answer and ask questions to develop their thinking on the topic.  This is a nice lesson to follow convection currents since hot and cold water operates in the same manner as hot and cold air.  There are many connections between the two lessons and references can be made to the experiment with hot and cold water.   

     Print out slides for students to take notes, I usually print two slides on each page for easier reading.

Lesson Resources

Science Starter Ocean Current Lesson.docx  
Ocean Power Point.pptx  
Ocean Temperature Affect on Weather - Exit Ticket.docx  


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