Lesson: Unit Assessment (Day 13)

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Lesson Objective

Students will do their best on the Earth Science unit exam.

Lesson Plan

California State Standards

 5th Grade Earth Science Standards Number 3, 4, and 5 


Students will do their best on the Earth Science unit exam.

Evidence of Learning

Student Exams

Hook (10 mins)

Vocabulary Review Game

1. Teacher writes science vocabulary on the white board. 

2. Teacher chooses two students from two different table groups to come stand in front of white board. 

3. Teacher gives two students a definition of a vocabulary word written on white board. 

4.  When one or both students know the vocabulary word that goes with definition they slap their hand on top of it.  The first one to slap the correct answer gets points for their table group. 

5. Two different students are chosen to play in the next round.

Lesson (45 mins)

1. Teacher states: "You are more than prepared to succeed on this exam.  You may use your notes and please take your time.  On the front page match vocabulary to definition.  On the next pages answer multiple choice questions.  We are going to read the directions to the last page together."

2. Teacher passes out tests.

3. Teacher has students turn to back page with short answer questions.  Teacher reads directions to short answer questions on the back. 

4. Teacher asks if there are any questions.

5. Students read when they finish test.


Teaching Reflection

    Students have the most difficult time in completing the short answer section to this exam.  The majority of the students in my class are English Learners.  In order to help my students improve their scores, I need to include more short answer essays during their class work and home work.  I would like to leave the short answer essays in future exams but would need to include more scaffolds for writing in their class work.

Lesson Resources

Science Test - Earth Science Unit.pdf  
Science test short answer rubric.pdf  
Test Review Earth Science.docx  
Houghton Mifflin Science Web Page for 5th Gra
Inquiry and the National Science Education St
Grade 5 CST Released Questions
California State Science Frameworks


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