Lesson: Severe Weather (Day 12)

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Lesson Objective

Students will evaluate and take notes on each other's project presentations.

Lesson Plan

Califronia State Standard:

5ES4c.Students know the causes and effects of different types of severe weather.


Students will evaluate and take notes on each other's project presentations.

How are the different severe weather types similar to one another?

Evidence of Learning:

Student Notes

Student Evaluation of Group Presentations

Student Questions/Responses

Turn and Talk to form evaluations



1.  Teacher asks: "What are the causes and effects of tornados or hurricanes or blizzards?  Each of you know the answer to this question for different types of weather.  It is your turn to be the teacher today.  Each group will get a chance to present their project while the class takes notes and asks questions.  The class will then evaluate your project for a grade."

2. Teacher invites first group to present. 

3. Student groups present their project using the following sentence frames:

"Our group's topic is:______________

The definition is_______________________________

______________is caused by__________,__________, and __________.

The effects of_____________are_________,________, and__________.

Here is our video.

Are there any questions?

Please answer our multiple-choice question."

4.  Students in audience take notes on severe weather type using notes worksheet.  They wait until the end to ask questions of the group.   

5. Once a student group has finished presenting each of the groups in audience are given one evaluation form to fill in as a group.  They talk about the presentation and agree on scores for the group.  

6.  Students hand in completed evaluations and a new group presents their project.


Teaching Reflection:

In doing these group presentation it is important to remember to engage students in taking notes, evalauting their peers fairly, and asking questions.  When I have done this part of the project each presentation takes about 10 mins.  Evaluations take time as well, have a sponge ready for groups who finished their evaluations quickly.  Also, be prepared to have student presentations go into the next day.  There were 7 groups in my class so these took over two days of presentations before getting through them all.  It might be good to start them early over a period of time so that students do not get overwhelmed with all of them presenting on one day.

Lesson Resources

Inquiry and the National Science Education St
Houghton Mifflin 5th Grade Website
Severe Weather Group Project Evaluation.docx  
Severe Weather Notes.docx  


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