Lesson: Weather Maps (Day 11)

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Lesson Objective

Students will read a weather map to predict weather in different regions of the United States

Lesson Plan

California State Standard:

5ES4d. Students know how to use weather maps and data to predict local weather and know that weather forecasts depend on many variables.


Students will read a weather map to predict weather in different regions of the United States

How do meteorologists use weather maps to predict the weather?

Evidence of Learning:

Students complete independent worksheet answering questions about weather predictions in different regions in the United States using a weather map.

Students complete Exit Ticket with Multiple-Choice Test Format Questions.

Student Notes



Science Starter

Weather Map Power Point

Weather Map Independent Worksheet

Exit Ticket



1.  Teacher shows picture of weather map. Teacher asks: "What is this?  Where have you seen it before?"


2. Elicit Student Responses


3. Teacher states: "Today we are going to work together to discover how to read weather maps to predict the weather like they do on TV."


4.  Teacher plays Weather Map Power Point.  There are notes written on slides to help teacher know what guiding questions to ask and how to lead activities presented in slides. (Print out slides before hand so students can take notes)

5.  At the end of power point distribute exit ticket to students. 

Teaching Reflection:
         After having done this lesson with my students some of the misconceptions they will have is that low and high pressure are connected with temperature.  High pressure causes nice or stable weather and students have a tendency to interpret that as having hot weather.  It is important that this misconception is addressed in this lesson.  Air pressure does not directly affect regional temperatures.

         A note on materials:  It is important to print out the slides from the power point for students to use as their notes.  The slides can be printed using many formats, I tend to print them out two slides to a page so students are able to read them easily.  Also, the worksheet on weather maps should be printed in color if possible so students are able to see and utilize the color coding to their fullest extent.

Lesson Resources

National Education Science Standards
Inquiry and the National Standards
Weather Channel
Weather Maps Power Point.pptx  
Weather Map. Predict the Weather worksheet..docx  
Science Starter Weather Map Lesson.docx  


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