Lesson: Matching traits to behaviors

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT Make inferences about characters by matching behaviors with appropriate traits.

Lesson Plan

Do Now (1o  mins)

Teaching Point - Inferences about character traits

Mini Lesson (15 mins)

Teacher says: "Watch me as I create a T-chart to show you how to link character behaviors, thoughts, words, etc… to a character trait. I want you to write as I write the following words resentful and appreciative. If I don’t know the meaning of a word I first try and think about its connotation – is it negative or positive?  Resentful has a negative connotation so I’m going to associate negative behaviors, thoughts and feelings with it. [Teacher will fill in chart with negative items and label the method of characterization, actions, thoughts, words, etc…]

Active Engagement (2mins)

Teacher says: "Now I want you to give it a try. Think about the word appreciative. Turn to your neighbor and identify its connotation and give me three different methods of characterization that would apply to this trait. [Share out with class and discuss]

Independent Practice (45 mins)

Students will practice the skill using their independent reading book. Remind students who are struggling to use their character trait list.

Exit Slip (5-7 mins)

Complete matching character trait graphic organizer


Lesson Resources

reteach character trait graphic organizer   Assessment
matching character trait words   Classwork


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