Lesson: Lesson 4-4 5th Grade

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT review the Samba rhythm and work in small groups to create a written arrangement of the Samba using 4 instruments of their choosing.

Lesson Plan

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SWBAT increase their expressive language skills when describing their experience in music class by using Tier 3 vocabulary words associated with the lesson.


Information (Give and/or demonstrate necessary information)

 The definition of Time Signature will be given with examples.

  How to say and play each beat of the Samba rhythm

 The sounds of the different instruments they have to choose from.


Verification (Steps to check for student understanding)

Were the students able to find the Time Signature on the worksheet and explain what it meant?
Were the students able to play each beat correctly - by themselves, and within the group?
Did the students follow the instructions of the worksheet correctly?

Activity (Describe the independent activity to reinforce this lesson)


Students will be given a worksheet that has the 2 rhythms that the Samba is comprised of. 
They will work together to decide on which instruments they will use for their group and which instrument will play which rhythms. 
1 person from each group will act as secretary and do the writing for the group. 
Each instrument must have 2-3 rhythms circled. Once the sheet is completed, the students are allowed to find the instruments they listed and practice their arrangement as a group.

Lesson Resources

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