Lesson: Being Safe in the Computer Lab

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Lesson Objective

Student will learn about how to be safe, both body and equipment, in the computer lab.

Lesson Plan

In computer lab, students turn chairs facing each other away from computers, forming a circle. 

Questions for Community Sharing
  • How do you use computers? 
    • How do you use them at home? 
    • How have you used them at school? 
    • What types things do you do on the computer?
    • Do you use the computer with any family members? Friends?

Rules and the Computer Lab
  • What are some good rules/guidelines for the computer lab? 
  • What do we need to do to be safe in the computer lab?
  • How do we need to act to make sure everyone can learn in the computer lab?
    • Walking in the computer lab
    • Keep hands and feet away from wires
    • Use indoor voices
    • Raise your hand when you have a question
    • Listen when others are speaking
    • Push in chairs when leaving
    • Ask for other suggestions

While students are still sitting in a circle, teacher moves over to one computer. Ask for students to point to the different parts of the computer. Ask for student models to demonstrate how to correctly use the different parts of the computer. Some of the main components to review of the computer are: 
  • Computer
    • Where is the monitor?
    • Where is the actual computer? 
  • Mouse
    • Why do you think it is called a mouse?
    • Where do you click on a mouse?
    • Which way does the "tail" of the mouse face? 
    • Can you use the mouse in the air or on the table?
    • Why is there a light on the bottom of the mouse?
    • Should we look at the light on the bottom of the mouse?
  • Keyboard
    • Why is it called a keyboard?
    • What other things do we know of that have a keyboard? (piano)
    • Where are the numbers on the keyboard?
    • Where are the letters?
  • Wires
    • What do all the wires do on the computer?
    • Why do we need to leave the wires plugged in?
    • Power cord - be careful to not pull/move the computer forward and disconnect the power!
  • Proper Posture/Ergonomics
    • How should you sit at the computer?
    • Where should your hands be?
    • Where should your feet be? 
    • Should you be tall or leaned over?

Student Activity (3-5 minutes)
If time allows, have students practice moving quietly and slowly through the computer lab. Return chairs to each computer and assign each student a computer. Have students demonstrate the correct way to sit at the computer and use the mouse. 

Wrap It Up
Remind students that the computer lab and computers in our school are shared spaces and pieces of equipment. If we respect the computer lab and the computers, they will last a long time and will continue to work for all students. 
From these conversations, it become apparent who does and does not have access to a computer outside of school. I think it's important to make a note of this before beginning any technology lesson to think about ways to help the student(s) become better users of the technology, hopefully brining them up to par with their classmates.

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