Lesson: 2.9 Mitosis and Meiosis Review

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Lesson Objective

Review the processes of mitosis and meiosis.

Lesson Plan

Wednesday February 9, 2011

2.9 Mitosis and Meiosis Review

8th Grade Life Science Ryland



-           Review the processes of mitosis and meiosis.



  1. Review Class Schedule
  2. Mitosis and Meiosis Basics
  3. Applying Mitosis
  4. Applying Meiosis
  5. Wrap-up/Homework



-           Cell Division Unit Review


Lesson Sequence/Notes:

  1. Do Now
  • This was a lesson that needed to be taught on this day to stay on pace with the unit plan but I was unable to be in class, so it was run by a substitute. Because of this it was taught in a different fashion that if I had been there.
  • In this case, we don’t always have Do Now’s. For this lesson the substitute brought the class in, and went over the class agenda for the day and then got class started.


  1. Mitosis and Meiosis Basics
  • Students are given the mitosis and meiosis basics worksheet.
  • They work on this worksheet together in their table groups referencing their notes and their partners with any questions they have.


  1. Applying Mitosis and Applying Meiosis
  • After they have completed the Mitosis and Meiosis Basics WKST with their groups they complete both the applying mitosis and applying meiosis WKST’s.
  • They are allowed to reference their notes for these WKST’s however these ones they are working on silently and individually.
  • Upon returning, these will be the two worksheets I look over to see how the students are doing with the material going into the day of review.


  1. Wrap-up/Homework
  • Students will complete the review packet for homework in preparation for the in class review tomorrow.



Materials Needed:

-          Mitosis and Meiosis Basics WKST

-          Applying Mitosis WKST

-          Applying Meiosis WKST

-          Cell Division, Cell Cycle, and Reproduction Review


Lesson Reflection:

-          Given the depth of the material needing to be reviewed this day, it is unfair to ask a substitute to run a review session. This is a very WKST heavy lesson, but it gives students a good review of the material. There is some repetition, but it is seen once when in groups with others to help them, and once individually. The applying mitosis and meiosis WKST’s are easy to glance over the next morning to see where students are doing well and where they are struggling. The areas of weakness can be added into the review day lesson as important points to go over.



Lesson Resources

2.9 Applying Meiosis Review.doc   Classwork
2.9 Applying Mitosis Review.doc   Classwork
2.9 Cell Division End of Unit Assessment Review.doc   Review
2.9 Mitosis and Meiosis Basics Review.doc   Classwork


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