Lesson: Thursday 2/11/13 - Symbols from the War of 1812

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Lesson Objective

Students recognize the significance of certain American symbols

Lesson Plan

  1. Distribute the Handout: Symbols of the New Nation.  
  2. Begin a discussion of other symbols of the new nation with connections to the War of 1812.
    • The ship the USS Constitution (Old Ironsides) became a symbol of America’s strength and victory in the War of 1812.
    • Other symbols with ties to the War of 1812 include Uncle Sam, the White House, the Star-Spangled Banner, and the Capitol building.
  3. Distribute the Handout: Symbols of the New Nation to each student.
  4. Each student in the class receives one symbol page to investigate. Students read and learn about the symbol using the handout, the textbook, and other appropriate information.
  5. Students each share what they have learned with the class. (With a larger class use Kagan's Expert Jigsaw Strategy).


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