Lesson: Algonquian Culture

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT describe the culture of Algonquian Tribes of Native Americans

Lesson Plan

Teacher: G. Newman
Date:  4.2.2
Subject: Social Studies
Class: 4th Grade
AIMS for the class (on the board before class starts):
SWBAT describe the culture of the Algonquian
EXIT SLIP / Assessment of FIRM MASTERY of the Aims:
Describe aspects of the cultures of Algonquian tribes.
AGENDA with times for each item (on board before class starts):
Jigsaw read and web
Share out
HOMEWORK (usually cumulative review & on the board before class starts):
Read passage (pg 90) then write a poem about one of the moons in the Algonquian Calendar.
1) Quick Questions / Do Now (Cumulative Review and Geared for Quick Success) 3-5 minutes
3 Things Learned from HW
2) Hook / Interesting Idea 30 seconds to 3 minutes
3) Students go over the AIMS and AGENDA for the class (on the board) 30 seconds to 1 minute
4) Mini-Lesson / Modeling (“I†or “I/Weâ€) 5-15 minutes
“Today we are going to learn about the Algonquin people, a Native American tribe that lived in New York State. We are going to work in groups today, with each group learning, then teaching everyone about a certain aspect of Algonquian culture.â€
“When we talk about the Algonquian Native Americans, we are actually talking about Native Americans who spoke languages from the same family. Many tribes make up the Algonquians: Mohican, Munsee Delaware, Mohican, and Abenaki.â€
“We are going to build “webs†that organize our thoughts and allow us to teach the class what we learned. I will model on my web by reading the passage and compiling the relevant information. My reading is on: ________________. I will underline the key points and add them to my web.â€
5) Guided Practice (“Weâ€) 5-20 minutes
You are now going to do this process on your own. Silently read the passage to yourself. I will give everyone 3 minutes. When I clap twice, you are going to start discussion what you want to fill in on your group’s web. When you agree, write that on the web. You will have 10 minutes to complete the web.
Readings and Webs on:
6) Way to Check for Understanding before Independent Practice 1-3 minutes (proceed only if class masters)
Questioning of scholars: prove your point with information from the text.
7) Independent (or pair / small group) Practice (“Youâ€):
15-25 minutes
“ We are now going to share out what we learned. One scholar will present the web to the group, explaining each piece of information they wrote. You should not only tell us what you wrote, but how you knew this to be true, and why it is important. You will have 3 minutes to present, and then 1 minute to take questions from the audience. Audience members will show respect by tracking and listening because everyone is responsible for all of today’s information.â€

Lesson Resources

G4 Unit2 FirstInhabitants Colonization Day2 A   Other
G4 Unit2 FirstInhabitants Colonization Day2 R   Reading Passage


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