Lesson: Asssess on analyze details and draw conclusions

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Lesson Objective

Students will demonstrate mastery of strategies taught to correctly answer analyze details questions.

Lesson Plan


Connection (3-5 mins): Test-takers, yesterday we learned a new strategy to help us answer questions on a text.  This past week you made many inferences and practiced with different types of texts.  Today, you will have a chance to show what you learned!


Teach (10-12 mins): Students should be seated on the carpet with a partner.  They will be expected to turn and talk to this partner throughout the lesson.  I want to quickly review with you inferences.  Turn and tell your partner the two ideas that make up inferences.  Students should turn and talk.  Teacher calls on students to share out.  You are correct.  We need to use evidence from the text AND our background knowledge to make inferences.  These inferences are thinking beyond the text and not simply something the author told us.  I know you are all ready to take this assessment.  Good luck and off you go!


Active Engagement (15-20 mins): Students should return to their seats to work independently. They will be expected to read the grade level selection and answer five multiple choice questions.  Teacher should interrupt the lesson a few times to remind students to make inferences and eliminate answer that do not make sense.  Teacher may also pull a group of students to read the selection out loud with them.  


Exit Slip/Share (3-5 mins): Teacher should collect assessments to use as a way to gauge student mastery.  Those students who struggled with the assessment may need to read a lower level selection or practice the skill again during guided reading groups the following week.


Reflection: Again, this was a text that is on a fifth grade level. My students struggled with the reading and I offered a lot of support throughout the independent work time.  If I taught this lesson again I might read the article aloud to students during the teach section so that I could actually measure their mastery of the skill rather than their lack of ability to read the selection.  At the same time this is an accurate measure of how they will perform on the end of year assessment because the text is the correct level. 

Lesson Resources

Analyze details assessment.pdf  


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