Lesson: Learning Fractions with Rhymes

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Lesson Objective

Students will further develop their understanding of the meaning of proper fractions and use them in computations

Lesson Plan

Do Now

Tell students to turn and talk to their elbow partners about the following questions:

  • What a numerator is?
  • What is a denominator?


  • Discuss responses to the Do Now.
  • Tell students the today we are going to read new version of an old nursery rhyme. It is called A Fractional Nursery Rhyme: Jack B. Numerator / Humpty Denominator. Listen carefully, so you can pinpoint any references to numerator, denominator and other math concepts in this rhyme.

Direct Instruction

  • Read the Fractional Nursery Rhyme: Jack B. Numerator / Humpty Denominator. Give students a copy to follow along with.
  • At end of rhyme, brainstorm the math concepts in therhyme and mark on the transparency (out of 24 lines: line 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23). You may need to reread several times.

Guided Practice

  • Distribute Question Sheet.
  • Read and explain sheet to students.

Independent Practice

  • Give students time to independently answer thefive questions.


  • Ask: If Jack had only found 14 one-sixteenths, could he have put Humpty together like before? What would have been missing? Model with fraction circles or bars. What if I had â…“, how many similar pieces would I need to make a whole? Stick with aconstant denominator and continue to ask questions until student understanding is evident.

If needed, use additional examples, manipulatives and drawings to illustrate.

Lesson Resources

GP A Fractional Nursery Rhyme  
GP_Practice Sheet


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