Lesson: Sweet Fractions

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Lesson Objective

Students will draw and write fractions in a collection.

Lesson Plan

Do Now

Direct students to take out their math journals and complete the following Do Now exercise. 

Given a word name, write each fraction in standard form.

  1. one-third
  2. two-fourths
  3. three-sixths
  4. one-half
  5. four-tenths


Discuss answers to Do Now. 

State today's objective. 

Explicitly Tell students that today we are used jellybeans as a math tool not as a snack.  Ask a student: Why do you that that means?  What do we use tools for? 

Direct Instruction

Show students a bag of jellybeans.  Count the aloud  to 10, the number of jellybeans in the bag.  Tell students that the number 10 is my denominator, or the total number of color candy that I have.  Write the denominator, then the fraction bar above it. Now invite students to watch closely as alI sort my jellybeans by color.   Ask:  How many red jellybeans do I have?  Record the number 2 as the numerator.   Say: 2 out of 10 jellybeans are red. This is 2/10 of my jellybeans are red.  Ask: How many green jellybeans do I have?    Record the number as 5.  Say:  This says five-tenths.  Five-tenths of my jellybeans are green. 

Guided Practice

Continue unitil a fraction has been written for all of the jellybeans (yellow, orange, black jellybeans).  Remind students that the denominator did not change, only the numerator. 

Independent Practice

Give each student a baggie, with multicolored jellybeans.

Distribute recording sheet so that students may record fractions based on each color. 

Explain recording sheet.

Have students make fractions relating to the number of each color of candy to the total number of candy. 


Ask for one or to volunteers to share their answers using their baggie and jellybeans.

Lesson Resources

IP Sweet Fractions   Classwork


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