Lesson: Relating Division and Fractions

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Lesson Objective

Identify the relationship between division and fractions

Lesson Plan

Do Now

Distribute DO NOW activity sheet that states the following: 

Use the word bank to label the parts of the given division problem

Use the word bank label the parts of the given fraction


State today’s objective

Complete the DO NOW

Teacher Input

Explicitly tell students that fractions are related to division because the top of the fraction is the numerator or the dividend of the fraction and the bottom of the fraction is the denominator or the divisor of the fraction.

Guided Practice

Direct students attention to the Venn Diagram on the whiteboard.  Label the left side Division.  Label the right side Fraction.   

Ask: why do we use a Venn Diagram?  Allow for student response.

Complete a Venn Diagram comparing division and fractions.  Tell students that we are going to compare fractions and division. 

Independent Practice

Explain Independent Practice sheet to students.  Turn these fractions into division problems.  Then solve. Model how to complete the first problem. 

Distribute activity sheet for students to complete.

Allow time for students to complete Independent activity.


Distribute a 4x6 index card to each student.  Ask students to write a paragraph  in their own words explaining how division and fractions are related. 

Lesson Resources

IP Relating Division and Fractions  
IP Relating Division and Fractions   Activity


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