Lesson: Comparing Fractions

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Lesson Objective

Students will use fraction strips to compare fractions with unlike denominators.

Lesson Plan

Do Now:

Tell students to draw each of the following fractions in their Math Journals. A. 3/6 B. 4/10 C. 7/12


Review the meaning of these symbols: <, >, and =. State today’s objective.

Direct Instruction:

Direct students attention to 3/8 and 6/8. Tell student that these fractions have the same denominator. Model how to compare 3/8 and 6/8 using fraction strips. Explicitly tell students that when the denominators are like, or the same, the numerator that is largest is the fraction that is biggest. So, 3/8 < 6/8.

Guided Practice:

Say: Now we are going to compare fraction with unlike denominator. Unlike means that the denominators are not the same. Write 4/6 on the board. Ask what is this fraction? Allow student to say 4/6. Then say, show me 4/6 with your fraction strips. Now, what is this fraction?  Point to 3/5.  Allow for a student to read the fraction.  Now say we will use our fraction strips to find out whether 4/6 is greater than, less than or equal to 3/5.  Use individual set of fraction strips to compare fractions with and unlike denominators. greater than, less than or equal to one another. Distribute Guided Practice Sheet. Say to students, now let’s practice how to find which fraction is <, >, and = to each other.

Independent Practice:

Distribute “Comparing Fractions Practice Sheet” Explain directions. Allow ample time for students to work in pairs.


Direct students attention to the question on the board. Answer the following question in your Math Journal. Yemaiyah used 2/3 cup of chocolate chips to make cookies. She used 3/4 cup of chocolate chips to make brownies. Did she use more chocolate chips to make the cookies or the brownies? Draw your fractions to support your answer.

Lesson Resources

Comparing Practice GP  
IP Comparing Fractions  
HW Comparing Fractions   Activity


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