Lesson: Ordering Fractions

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Lesson Objective

Students will order fractions on a number line.

Lesson Plan


Do Now
Display a number line from 0 to 25. Point to each number and count aloud from 0 to 25. Tell students that this number line. A number line is a line with labels. 
Direct Instruction
State today’s objective. 
Display a number line that is divided into fourths. Tell students that counting a fraction number line is like counting a whole number line. Point to the first mark and say, zero, one-fourth, two-fourth, etc. Point out that the denominator stays the same, but the numerator is in order, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
Guided Practice
Make a number line on the classroom floor. Think aloud the following:
I want to draw a number line that is divided into sixths. I am going to begin my number line at 0. Since I want to divide my number line into sixths, I am going to mark six tick marks to the right of zero. 
Ask for a volunteer to hop along the number line to find 4/6. Encourage students to count after each jump. Use dry erase marker to record fraction after each jump. 
Repeat this activity by drawing a number line that is divided into eights.
*Be sure to complete each number line. Remind students that when the numerator and denominator are the same number the fraction is a whole number (i.e. 6/6 = 1 whole).
Independent Practice
Give students direction on how to complete practice sheet.
Tell students to take out their Math Journals. Draw and label a number line divided into twelfths. Circle 8/12ths.  

Lesson Resources

IP Ordering Fractions   Classwork


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