Lesson: Fundamentals of Fractions

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Lesson Objective

Students will draw and represent fractions.

Lesson Plan

Do Now

Record the each word and their  meaning your math journal. "Fraction" words are 
1. fraction
3.  numerator. 


Disribute a Fraction Words sheet to each student.  Allow student to paste each sheet into their math journals. 


State today's ojective.  

Direct Instruction

Read aloud and discuss the meaning of each "fraction word".  Direct students' attention to the following example:
Display a figure that shows 1 out of 2 equal parts is shaded (1/2).  Explain that the numerator tells how many parts are being counted.  The denominator tells how many equal parts there are the whole.  Discuss differebt ways to read the fractions.  For example, 1/2 can be read one-half or 1 out off 2 equal parts.  Ask What is the numerator in 1/2?  What is the denominator? 

Display a figure that shows 2 out of 3 equal parts are shaded (2/3).  Tell students that 3 is the denominator.  Ask what is the numerator? 

Guided Practice

Distribute "Fundamentals of Fractions" Practice Sheet. 
Guide students through number 1, 2 and 3. 

Independent Practice

Complete 4-10 of "Fundamentals of Fractions"  Practice Sheet. 


Discuss answers to 4-10 of Fundamentals of Fractions Practice Sheet.

Lesson Resources

GP Fundamentals of Fractions   Activity
DN Fraction Words   Starter / Do Now


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