Lesson: Paul Revere's Ride

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT analyze the effects of sound, figurative language, and graphics to determine the meaning of “Paul Revere’s Ride.”

Lesson Plan

Do Now
Explain two ways that elements of poems contribute to its meaning. Give an example of the two elements you choose.
 Teacher will direct scholars to the poem “Paul Revere’s Ride” and ask them if they thing patriotism is an old-fashioned idea, or is it a concept that will never go out of fashion? Teacher will put a picture on the projector of Paul Revere on his horse and ask scholars to predict what they think the poem will be about.
Directed Instruction
 Teacher will then give scholars some background knowledge on Paul Revere and explain that they will be reading a narrative poem and working on analyzing the poems meaning by paraphrasing portions of the poem.
 Teacher will begin reading the first three stanzas and annotating as she is reading. At the conclusion of the third stanza the teacher will model how to paraphrase the information read, and will identify any figurative language and sound devices in this portion of the poem.
Guided Practice
 Scholars will read the next three stanzas of the poem together with a partner and paraphrase what they’ve read; scholars will record their paraphrases on a large t-chart. Teacher will then re-read those stanzas and ask volunteers to share what they’ve written. 
 Teacher will then direct scholars to the excerpts of the poem around the room; scholars will have to go to each chart read it with a partner and either write their paraphrased version or identify the figurative language or sound devices used in that stanza of the poem; they will write their responses on the chart. Scholars will rotate to all of the charts before the end of the activity.
 At the conclusion of the activity scholars will be seated and teacher will guide them in a discussion of the poems meaning and what they learned in the poem.
Independent Practice
 Scholars will independently re-read the entire poem and complete a story map for the narrative poem. Teacher will work with low performing scholars to help them further comprehend the poem and guide them through the story map.
 Scholars will post their story maps in a designated section of the room for the teacher and their peers to view.
 Scholars will complete a pre-made exit ticket before leaving class that reads; If today’s class were a song, the title would be_________________.

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