Lesson: Cause and Effects of the Punic Wars

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Lesson Objective

The student will compare and contrast a Republic, Monarchy, and Empire. The student will connect the causes of the Punic Wars with the effects they had on Roman civilization.

Lesson Plan


C.4.7.2. Forms and Roles of Government: Discuss different forms of executive leadership in civilizations (e.g., judge class, patrician class, priest class, warrior class, emperor, nobility).

C.5.7.3. Roots of Democracy: Examine rights, privileges, and responsibilities citizens and non-citizens had in civilizations based upon gender, socio-economic class, ethnicity, religion, or caste.

H.6.7.6. Continuity and Change: Explore the development of the Roman Empire and the people associated with it (e.g., Augustus, Julius Caesar, Hannibal)

H.6.7.15. Continuity and Change: Describe influences of the Persian, Peloponnesian, and Punic Wars on ancient civilization. 

Divide the students into three groups and assign each group one of the following types of government: Monarchy, Republic, and Empire. Let them know that these are the three types of government used in Rome during its rise and fall. Let them use their technology, books from the library, or whatever resource is available to research the government type they were assigned. Have them look for 3-5 facts about it and write it on a white board.

Use a projector to put a three-way Venn diagram on the board, or just draw one. Have the groups share their information with the class, compiling the information in the Venn diagram. Point out that a republic has very little in common with an empire.

Show them the 6 previously competed bricks. There should be one for each war, which just has the name and dates. There should also be one that succinctly explains the cause of each war. Have the students copy the dates and causes onto a note sheet. They should be familiar with this information already.

Explain that they are going to be making bricks to go under yours. Their bricks will show the effects of the wars. Review the state of Rome after the 3rd Punic War, creating a list on the board. After the list is complete, with at least one effect for each student, assign one to each student. 

Lesson Resources

Punic War Info Sheet.docx  
Graffiti Brick.pdf  


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