Lesson: Jacksonian Democracy

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT identify and describe five major events during the Jackson Presidency and how they effected the nation on cultural, social, political, and economic levels

Lesson Plan

Andrew Jackson Lesson!

This lesson includes two options. A straightforward activity is the Andrew Jackson Stations Activity. In this activity, students travel to various stations that highlight a certain event of Jackson's presidency. It a great alternative to give students background rather than reading the night before. The movement of the activity also helps to keep the attention of many students overall!

The second option is to cover the same topics but in a JigSaw activity. This activity is more complex and the questions tap into more critical thinking skills. It is great for a class that is showing advanced critical thinking skills or that really likes to discuss topics from different perspectives.

Day 1
Place students into groups after you have set up six stations. They stations are the following

Station 1- The Corrupt Bargain
Station 2- Jackson Finally Becomes President
Station 3- The Spoils System
Station 4- The Tariff of 1828
Station 5- The Bank War
Station 6- Indian Removal

Students should each recieve a copy of the student hand Jackson Stations Notes. This will provide some guided questions are they look at images, charts, and maps at the various stations.

Day 2
On Day 2 students may finish up the additional stations (or you could have assigned for HW) and you will go through the Andrew JAckson PPT and while doing so go over the notes. Basically the activity forms the foundation and when you are lecturing it is very beneficial that the students already have the foundation.


Lesson Resources

Jackson Jig Docs 2011 pink copy.pdf  
Jackson Jig Jigsaw Day Two   
Jackson Station Notes.pdf   Classwork
Jackson 5.pdf   Activity
Jackson 4.pdf   Activity
Jackson 3.pdf   Activity
Jackson S2.pdf   Activity
Jackson S1.pdf   Activity
Jackson 6.pdf   Activity


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Kelly Mills Posted 3 years ago:

I'm a new teacher, and a little confused about how to do the jigsaw activity. Can someone help me determine what they need to actually do day 1 and day 2? 

margaret taylor Posted 3 years ago:

This was an absolutely wonderful lesson.  My students enjoyed it and learned so much.  Thank you for sharing!!

Siobhan Adkins Posted 3 years ago:

Is the powerpoint available?

Stephanie Barron Posted 3 years ago:

Where is the power point?

Carol Yuen Posted 3 years ago:

Is the Andrew Jackson PPT available? 

Ashleigh Noland Posted 4 years ago:

Is the second page of station one missing? I can see the pictures on the first page, but it seems like there should be some text on the second page, and mine is blank... Thank you!



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