Lesson: Water Cycle (Day 8 and 9)

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Lesson Objective

Students will be able to diagram the water cycle (evaporation, precipitation, condensation) on a molecular level by doing investigations on condensation and evaporation; presenting conclusions from investigations; engaging in a study of the water cycle.

Lesson Plan

   See attached document for complete lesson plan


    This is inquiry based lesson indented to cover 2 days (1 hour lesson each) of science sessions.  The lesson is written in ABC, CBV, R format (Activity Before Concept, Concept Before Vocabulary, and Reading).  Please see attached lesson for full detail.


Teaching Reflection:

Both experiments are meant to be done on the same day.  They are short experiments that should only take one hour of class time with a science starter and a few student groups presenting conclusions at the end.  Time limits are key to help students stay on task and be able to complete experiments in the time alloted.

Class Demonstration Steam - When asking students what is on the mirror it is good to have some students have a chance to touch the water vapor that has formed on the mirror in order to experience that steam is water.  They should be filling out their experiment forms while doing observations of this class demonstration experiment. 


Power Point - In the beginning of the power point students are given an opportunity to share what they already know of the water cycle.  Having done this lesson with two different groups I found that students came in knowing a lot about the water cycle already which is why I give them a chance to share what they know, go over water molecules in each of the phases and then go into vocabulary review. 

Important: Bill Nye's Video is meant to go into the Power Point near the end.  I included both files separately because they need to go together in order for the video to work on the power point.


Student Notes - I usually print out the slides from power point for student notes.  They add to them as we discuss what is on the slides.  I print out 2 slides per page so students are able to read them.

Lesson Resources

Science Lesson Plan Water Cycle   Lesson Plan
Science Starter Water Cycle Lesson.docx  
Water Cycle.pptx  
Experiment WorkSheet - water.doc  
Houghton Mifflin 5th Grade Science Web Page
Inquiry and the National Science Education St
Science Lesson Plan -Water Cycle.docx  


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