Lesson: Lesson 4-1 2nd Grade

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT to learn the meaning of the word Ostinato and be able to play sevaral ostinatos at the same time in groups of 2 while hearing the song "Music Music"

Lesson Plan

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SWBAT increase their expressive language skills when describing their experience in music class by using Tier 3 vocabulary words associated with the lesson.


Information (Give and/or demonstrate necessary information)


Students will be given the definition of ostinato


Verification (Steps to check for student understanding)

Did the student able to clap the rhythms to the ostinatos by looking at the beat matrix?
Were the students able to play at least 3 ostinatos on 3 different instruments in pairs?

Activity (Describe the independent activity to reinforce this lesson)


Students will be given the definition of Ostinato.
Students will be asked to listen for Ostinatos in Music Music
Students will clap the rhythm of 3 ostinatos written on the board
Students will listen to music music again and identify what instrument played which ostinato
Students will play those instruments using the correct ostinato to the recording of Music Music.

Lesson Resources

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