Lesson: Future Tense Verbs

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Lesson Objective

Students will use identify future tense verbs. Students will form the future tense of verbs by adding will+verb.

Lesson Plan


Preview/create charts



  • On a chart, review the academic language for the verbs lessons:
  •   A verb is a word that shows __________.
  •   past tense verbs tell what __________ _________ed
  •   present tense verbs tell what is happening right now.
  •   future tense verbs tell what will happen



  • Future tense verbs tell us what is going to happen.
  • The rule for future tense verbs is to just add will + verb.
  •    Tomorrow, I will run 2 miles.
  •    Next week, I will read 30 pages.
  • Ask the students to list some “"time words” that tell us the verb should be future tense
  •    i.e. Tomorrow, next year, next week, after school
  • On the first chart, have students come up, and circle a verb. The next student can turn that verb into future tense. The last student can use it in a sentence.
  • Tell the students that they now know the 3 types of verbs: past, present, and future.
  •     Past tense means it already happened (gesture: 2 thumbs pointing behind your back)
  •        The rule is usually add –ed to the ending. Some irregular verbs have special rules. Say them outloud in a              “Yesterday” sentence to see if it sounds/looks right.
  •     Present tense means that it is happening right now (gesture pointing straight down towards your shoes)
  •         Am+___ing, is +___ing
  •     Future tense means that it will happen (gesture: point forward, straight in front of you)
  •         The rule is add will in front of the verb.
  • Tell the students they will be working in groups to sort words into 3 different piles. Make sure you check carefully before you decide if it’s past, present, or future
  •     Hand out verb cards.
  •     Students will work in groups of 2-3 to sort the cards into 3 piles: past tense, present tense and future tense.



  • Bring students to the carpet.
  • Show the students the 3 gestures, they should shout out the correct tense that you are showing. Call on students to give examples of each tense of verb.
  • Tell students that tomorrow they will start an art project to show action verbs.

Lesson Resources

VerbTenseSort   Classwork
Chart FutureTense   Activity


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