Lesson: Past Tense Verbs (Irregular)

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Lesson Objective

Students will create past-tense verbs using irregular rules.

Lesson Plan


  • Create sentences and word lists for the lesson on chart(s).



  • On a chart, review the academic language for the verbs lessons:
  • A verb is a word that shows __________.
  • past tense verbs tell what __________ _________ed
  • present tense verbs tell what is happening right now.
  • Ask the students to tell you the rule to make past tense verbs.
  • For most verbs, when you make them past-tense, you just add –ed: Yesterday we jumped, last week we cried.
  • Some words break this past-tense rule, they are called irregular words, because they are not regular.



  • You already know and use many of them so let’s try to make a list:
  • write ->
  • draw ->
  • run ->
  • eat ->
  • go ->
  • make ->
  • If you’re not sure, try the verb in a sentence to see if it make sense. Yesterday I _______.
  • These words would not sound right if we used the –ed rule.
  •   Yesterday we writed?
  •   Yesterday we wrote.
  • What is the verb in these sentences:
  •   I am hungry.
  •   He is going to be here later.
  •   They are very kind.
  • Sometimes the verb is a “state of being” verb: am, is, are
  • Have students come up to the chart #2 in pairs. One student should write the verb in the correct row. The other student should say a sentence. (e.g. I am going to go to the grocery store later)
  • Show students the classwork page. Tell them they will be writing in past tense from irregular present verbs. They must also do the reverse (present tense from past tense).



  • After students have completed the classwork, bring them to the carpet to review the lesson.
  • Today you learned that past-tense verbs sometimes break the regular rule of just adding –ed. For these words, you should always try them out in a sentence to see if they sound or look right. They have special spellings.
  • Some examples were: write -> wrote, run -> ran, go -> went
  • Tomorrow we will learn about future-tense verbs.

Lesson Resources

Verbs - Irregular  
IrregularPractice   Classwork


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