Lesson: Past Tense Verbs

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Lesson Objective

Students will form past-tense of verbs by adding the -ed ending.

Lesson Plan


On a chart/smart board, write the sentences, that the students will use for the lesson.

Write these words on notecards: clean, walk, paint, hike, dance, jump, move, talk, yell, open



Remind the students that this week we have been working on parts of a sentence. Yesterday we learned about verbs in a sentence.

  • What are verbs?
  • Verbs are actions that tell what a noun does or what it is.
  • Ask a student to stand up and teach/act the definition of a verb.
  • Today we are going to tell about things that have already happened.
  • If something has already happened, we use a past-tense verb.



  • Read this list of past tense verbs and tell me what they have in common:
  • Walked, jumped, danced, talked, yelled
  • All of these verbs the –ed on the end of the verb.
  • Read these sentences. Circle the verb in each sentence. Underline the time word that tells you when the sentence happen. Then change the verb to the corerct past tense.
  • Charles relax on the couch as soon as he got home yesterday.
  • These third graders work very hard last year on their second grade “big test”.
  • Ashley and Zowie skating in the park last week.
  • Tell: You will be working in partners to turn your words into past-tense verbs. Remember the regular rule: when the verb already happened it is past tense and you need to add –ed
  • Hand out notecards to partner groups. They should turn their verb into past-tense. On the back, they can write their own past-tense verb.
  • When everyone is finished, have the groups share their verb in a sentence. Remind the students to add time words to tell when their sentence happens: yesterday, last week, last year, last summer


  • Before students leave the carpet, give them a verbal exit slip: you give them a verb and they have to tell you the past tense conjugation of that verb.
  • After they have correctly stated the past-tense verb, they can go to their desks to work on an independent practice page.

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