Lesson: Adjectives

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Lesson Objective

Students will identify adjectives in a sentence. Students will add adjectives to nouns to make powerful sentences.

Lesson Plan


  • When we write sentences: The boy ate a hamburger.
  • The sentence is kind of plain. We want to be powerful writers. In order to do this, we are going to use adjectives to make powerful sentences.
  • Adjectives are words that describe a noun.
  • Show: Football picture. Ask students to describe the player using adjectives. (i.e. young, strong, fast, green, protected)
  • Adjectives can tell use size, color, shape, number, temperature



  • As a class read the paragraph and put boxes around the adjectives:
  • The hairy lion walked along the green grass towards the scared gazelle. The small gazelle ran quickly through the woods when he heard the fierce lion coming. The huge lion was tired and could not catch up to the quick gazelle. The lucky gazelle got away this time.
  • Have students come up one at a time and put a box around the adjectives in the sentences:
  • On a warm sunny daya, Alex swam in the cold, blue lake.
  • The smiling girl ran to the biggest dog.
  • Mr. Smith bought four red apples, three oranges, and two ripe bananas.
  • Tell the students that they will be working in groups to make a list of adjectives for their own pictures. After they have make their list, they will share their adjectives.
  • Hand out pictures to groups of four. Have them write the adjectives around the outside of the picture.
  • After all the groups are done, have the students share the adjectives they came up with.



  • Tell the students that today they learned how to make senetences more powerful by adding adjectives to nouns. Before they start on their independent practice, give them a post it note to write one adjective on the front and one non-adjective on the back.


When I retaught this adjective lesson, I wanted to push my students adjective vocabulary beyond words like "good, nice, cool, bad". We made a class chart with different types of adjectives. The lists were: adjectives to describe people, adjectives to describe food, positive adjectives, negatives adjectives, and classroom object adjectives. There are different activities you can do with this:
Have students draw their favorite food, then write about it using adjectives to describe what it looks like, tastes likes, smells like.
Students can draw a circle with their name inside, then write adjectives to describe them.
Make an acrostic poem of an occupation with adjectives describing that job (CHEF, Careful, Helpful, Energetic, Friendly)
Make a list of classroom objects and adjectives to describe them. 

Lesson Resources

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