Lesson: Is this the right book for me?

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Lesson Objective

SWBAT identify what makes a "just-right" nonfiction book in terms of text level and features.

Lesson Plan

Is This the Right Book for Me? (lesson #10)
1. QQ (5 min.) Describe your process for selecting a nonfiction book to read. Include at least three steps. 
2. Mini-lesson (10 min.)
a. Name the teaching point: Good readers use everything they know about nonfiction texts and their own interests to pick out the “just right†book. 
b. Choose a few nonfiction texts for modeling that you have recently selected to read. Think aloud showing the students how you picked out these books and whether they were the right choice for you. 
                              i.   Invite the students to describe the strategies they saw you use as you chose your books. 
c.   Using the teacher’s reader’s notebook as a model and the document camera have students copy today’s teaching point and notes into their reader’s notebook.  
                              i.   See the lesson files for notes
3. Students practice the reading strategy (10 min.)
a. Give each student a pile of 4 to 5 nonfiction books and have them choose the “just right†book for them from the pile. 
b. Students should share their book choice and reasoning with their reading partner. 
c.   Debrief the process of selecting the “just right†book with the whole class. 
4. Independent reading time (30 min.)
a. Invite students to continue with their current nonfiction IR book if they think it’s just right, or to make a new selection from the book bins. 
                              i.   Provide ample time to read and enjoy a great book!
5. Exit slip (5 min.) 
a. Go back to your quick question from today. Is there anything you would change with your book selection process? Please describe why you would or would not make changes. 
6. Homework (3 min.)
a. Nonfiction independent reading for at least 20 minutes and complete nonfiction IR log. 
1. What went well?
2. What would you change?
3. What needs explanation?
This was the last lesson in our first nonfiction reading unit and the kids did a great job choosing their next independent reading books. I chatted with each student about their choice and they all chose well. In addition, they are very excited to continue reading nonfiction and the buzz in our class around reading in general is great. Some of my most reluctant readers have found their reading niche and are more motivated than ever. 
I might move this lesson to the middle of the unit. It was a great way to end and I felt it really pulled together everything we’ve learned. However, I’ve been asking the students to select nonfiction books to read independently throughout the unit and this would have been helpful earlier on. In earlier lessons, if kids made poor book choices, I intervened and helped them pick something else. In the future, I would like them to do this independently earlier. 
From here, we’re going to move back to fiction reading focused around self-monitoring for understanding and using fix-up strategies when we lose meaning.  We are also about to enter our state testing cycle, which will temporarily slow the pace of instruction. Hopefully, in less than a month, we will come back for part two of our nonfiction unit where we will lean another 10ish text features and dive deeper into nonfiction reading.  

Lesson Resources

Exit Ticket with lines for OEQ s   Assessment
nonfiction reading log   Homework
Quick Questions with lines for OEQ s   Starter / Do Now
Good Readers of Nonfiction...   Notes
pick the just right book  


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